The Fire Tower Studio Cabinets

Spanning three stories, in an immaculate home, stands the Fire Tower project. Showcasing custom cabinetry, an integral sink with countertops, and stair railing, this project shows the high level of work Brandner Design can achieve. The lower level features a integral sink and countertop finished in Teton Brass and Spanish Light Oak Ceruse cabinetry. Also, the brass Recessed Shadow Pulls streamline the cabinet drawers. On the countertop, a custom pop up outlet charging station is concealed for a seamless design. Finally, the three flights of stair railings comprise of white oak and hammered steel.

Cabinetry is available in custom materials and a variety of pulls. Sink and countertop specifications are available in custom metals, finishes and sizes to fit your design.

See the upper level Fire Tower Saloon Cabinets here.

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