Who We Are

Brandner Design is one of those unique companies that does the work – all the work – on a project from beginning to end. We build everything we design in our 33,000 sq ft design and fabrication shop in Bozeman, Montana. We are an art-based company built on the talent of 30 craftsmen, designers and engineers, creating innovative furniture, architectural elements, decorative metal panels and fine art.  Working with architects, designers and private clients nationally and internationally, Brandner Design offers the creativity, methods and experience to solve the complexities of a great idea and turn into a finished product of the highest quality.

Jeff Brandner

studied fine art in Manhattan and landscape design in New Jersey in the mid 1980s, fusing his interest in forms manmade and natural. Inspired by the curves and texture of the organic and the function and craftsmanship of the industrial, Brandner Design blends raw and reclaimed materials into contemporary surroundings in innovative ways.

Jeff Brandner in his Office
American design aesthetics

from the Industrial Age — when quality and pride in craftsmanship were paramount — fuel the artistry behind the work. Seeking glimpses of these remnants in abandoned mills and factories, bridges, railways, and out-of-the-way places across the country, Brandner Design pays tribute to the old but with a modern sensibility.

Ross Peak Fireplace
With nostalgia wrapped in refinement,

every piece of furniture, architectural feature and hardware is designed to maintain the essence of great American craftsmanship.

Brandner Design added a studio in Bozeman, Montana, in 2005, continuing the quest for inspiration and exploration that suits Brandner professionally and personally.

The people of the “last best place”

still represent the American pioneer spirit of taking chances in an environment that remains largely wild and untouched. This authenticity provides a new vocabulary for Brandner’s creative language of balancing the natural and the structural. As a mountaineer and endurance athlete, Montana fuels Brandner’s personal exploration, bringing him closer to the nature that is so much a part of his work and life.

Brandner Design, in business since 1988, retains its Eastern roots by also maintaining a studio outside New York City.

Brandner Design Workshop
Careers at Brandner Design

Brandner Design understands that the creative process begins with inspiration, talent and the passion to turn an idea into a work of art.  The team at Brandner Design is woven from individuals with varied skills and talents from throughout the United States with one thing in common … to face the challenges of creating exceptional works. If you are interested in joining our team please send us your resume and a letter of what inspires you.  We look forward to meeting you!


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Welding at the shop