In 2002 Jeff Brandner was commissioned to design a September 11th Memorial for Morris County NJ to honor the  64 people local victims that died in the attacks. Names of the overall 3000 victims are engraved into the brick walkway encircling the Memorial.

The plaque at the base of the Memorial reads:  This memorial is comprised of three steel sections from the World Trade Center, pieces of United Flight #93, and soil from the Pentagon. The concrete blocks at the base of the steel represent the foundations of our lives: family, relationships and community. The recurring circular forms signify the continuance of life. The water surrounding the memorial symbolizes healing and rebirth. The island on which the steel beams stand and the connecting bridges suggest the blending of ethnic, cultural and spiritual differences. Finally, the flowers beneath the concrete blocks represent life and hope, reminding us that with the passing of time comes healing, peace and resolve.

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