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3D Laser Scanning

Brandner Design's Laser Scanning Services can take your project from start to finish using cutting edge technology to create a 3D as-built model.

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Laser Scanning Applications

Brandner Design team can digitally capture accurate measurements of complex objects and buildings using a line of laser light. The data from the laser scanning creates a point cloud of the surface of the object. The point cloud can then be used for a variety of applications.

Architectural Use Brandner Scanning Services for 3D inspection of building shells and façade components.

Construction Seamlessly capture and monitor the construction progress for legal or technical documentation or for dimensional inspections of complex components.

Heritage Scan historical structures or excavation sites for restoration, or documentation.

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The Laser Scanning Value

Accurate Measurements

Accurate measurements mean accurate design. With a complete scan of your project area, a 3D point cloud is produced providing precise as-built dimensions accurate within +/-1mm. Starting with accurate measurements is the key to minimizing time, costs and creating precise deliverables.

Minimize Time & Cost

Brandner Design Laser Scanning Services will improve your bottom line by reducing measurement and inspection times, and diminishing rework costs and wasted materials. A TechValidate survey of 535 users of FARO Technologies found that 88% of surveyed organizations reduced measurement and inspection time by 25%-50% since implementing a FARO® solution.

Precise Deliverables

Brandner Design Laser Scanning Services will meet and exceed expectations whether you need basic point cloud information or a full-scale, usable 3D model. Improve the quality of your presentations and deliverables with this state-of-the-art technology.

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