Floor Door Hinge System

Discover the Floor Door Hinge System, designed to deliver seamless functionality for floor and trap doors across a range of projects. Engineered with precision, our hinges ensure your door rests flush with the floor, expertly concealing the mechanism below. The robust construction of our hinges guarantees smooth door operation, preventing any binding issues.

Our integrated mounting plates offer versatile installation options, allowing you to securely fasten them with screws or weld them to both the door and frame. While our hinge geometry aids in door opening, it doesn’t provide lifting or closing power. The need for gas struts to assist in door movement depends on the door’s size and weight, and these can be easily attached to our hinges, available for purchase separately. For precise strut specifications, please provide door size and weight to Brandner Design.

Please note that our hinges do not lock. For safety, consider installing a locking gas strut or locking mechanism to hold the door securely open.

Key features:

  • Sold individually. Click the ‘Shop Now’ button below for purchase details.
  • Crafted from durable 1/4″ stainless steel.
  • Integrated mounting plates for both door and frame.
  • Gas struts and door are not included.
  • Brandner Design is not responsible for any damage to individuals or materials resulting from improper hinge use or failure to install a locking mechanism.


Trap door systems are custom designed and fabricated. Individual hinge is standard configuration only.

Please call 406-582-0711 for pricing and ordering information, or email us at sales@brandnerdesign.com.