Floor Door Hinge System

The Floor Door Hinge System allows for a smooth operating floor or trap door for any project. The hinge is engineered so the door sits flush with the floor; seamlessly hiding the hinges below. The heavy duty hinge lifts the door up and away from the door frame preventing the door from binding.  Integrated mounting plates can be screw fastened or welded to the door and frame.

Hinge geometry helps assist in opening the door, but does not have any lifting or closing power. Door size and weight will determine if gas struts are needed to assist in opening and closing of the door.  Gas struts can be mounted directly to the hinge and are available for additional purchase.  Door size and weight must be provided to Brandner Design for accurate strut specification.  Hinges do not lock – locking gas strut or locking mechanism should be installed to hold door open for safety.

  • Hinge is sold individually – click the ‘Shop Now’ button below for purchase details
  • Made with 1/4″ stainless steel
  • Integrated mounting plates for door and frame
  • Gas struts and door not included.
  • Brandner Design is not liable for damage to persons or materials caused from improper use of hinges and/or not installing a locking mechanism.

Trap door systems are custom designed and fabricated. Individual hinge is standard configuration only.

Please call 406-582-0711 for pricing and ordering information, or email us at sales@brandnerdesign.com.