The Turnbuckle Dining Table

SIZE SHOWN 126"W X 48"D X 30"H

The turnbuckle dining table has been used for centuries as a mechanism to tighten and adjust height and length. Our take on this age-old construction gives an aesthetic twist to a functional design making the Turnbuckle Dining Table the centerpiece of any room. Built from 3/4” recycled aluminum plate, by turning the wheels at each end, this table can be raised or lowered to fit your needs. These pictures show:

– Rectangular dining table with two 8″ working turnbuckles.
– Dual turnbuckle table base.
– Round single turnbuckle table base with a glass top.

Available in custom sizes with a wood, concrete, glass, or metal top. Please call 406-582-0711 for pricing and ordering information, or email us at