The Truss Dining Table

SIZE SHOWN 72"W X 42"D X 30"H

Trusses, composed of triangles for the structural stability of that shape and design, were first used to build bridges in this country as early as the mid-17th century. These “simple” designs are part of our history and inspire our furniture. By extending the center beam, our Truss Dining Table design can be adapted to desks, conference tables, and consoles.

Shown in these photos:
– Classic wooden top with wooden center beam.
– The Alianza Truss Dining Table with a concrete top to create a high contrast. Concrete is available in any color.
– Ceruse White Oak with Hand Hammered Steel Straps.
– The White Ash wooden top.
– The Breckenridge Table
– The Van Zandt Dining Table made with reclaimed white oak milled from 17th-century barn beams. L:22′ W:7′
– The Truss Conference Table with concrete top.

  • Trusses are made from recycled steel.
  • Available with a wood or steel beam and a wood, concrete, glass, or steel top.
  • Available in any length or height for almost any use.



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